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Caramel Macchiato Petit Gâteau

SKU AUI 760205
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BRAND: IcEscape

Base of a chocolate ganache with a  vanilla cheesecake with roasted cacao nibs and a rich mocha mousse. Topped with a rich dairy-forward caramel ganache and chocolate coffee bean decor.

These labor-savers come frozen and individually wrapped - ready in no time for any event. Delicious and beautiful, these desserts can be served in a number of ways to fit your budget and event needs.

Weight:  4.45 oz/pc

Dimensions: 2.7" X 1.8"

Pack Size: 60 ct

Thawing Instructions: Remove acetate ring from Petit Gâteau while still frozen. Thaw under refrigeration 2-3 hours prior to service (41-46°F / 5-8°C) and use within 48 hours. Do not re-freeze thawed product.


  • Serve as they come or decorate to your desire
  • Free from artificial colorants or flavorings
  • Time and labor saving
  • Frozen before shipping, shipped frozen, and must remain frozen upon delivery
Stocking Locations:
  • South San Francisco (CA): STOCK
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