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Lemon Guava Cheesecake Verrine Cup

SKU AUI 760001
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BRAND: IcEscape

Buttery cookie crumble base topped with a rich lemon cheesecake. Finished with tropical guava purée and chopped pistachios.

Indulge in harmonious layers of color, texture, richness and acidity! From luscious mousse and decadent dark chocolate ganache to fruity jelly and delicate cookie crumbles, our individually portioned verrines are an irresistible delight, bite after bite.

Weight:  2.23 oz/pc

Pack Size: 140 ct

Thawing Instructions: Thaw in refrigeration for 2 hours before service and use within 3 days. Do not refreeze thawed product.


  • Clean*
  • Trans-fat-free*
  • Halal
  • Time and Labor Saving
  • Serve as-is or add decor.
  • Frozen before shipping, shipped frozen, and must remain frozen upon delivery.
Stocking Locations:
  • South San Francisco (CA): STOCK

*Clean: no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners; free of partially hydrogenated fats/oils, artificial preservatives and chemical processing enhancers such as bulking agents, dough conditioners, equalizers, etc. Trans-fat-free: contains less than 0.5 g of trans fat per serving which the FDA recognizes as "trans-fat-free".

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